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About us

About Us

One stop solution of Spares for shuttle Looms - Jurgens ,Ruti-B, Ruti-C , president & Cimmco, Sulzer projectile, Rapiers of Picanol, Vamatex, N.Pignone , SMIT, Somet, Panter, Muller & Sulzer, Airjets of Toyota, Tsudakoma Dornier & Nissan. Spinning machines Blowroom , Carding, Drawframe , Speed frame , Ring frame , Comber , Autoconer and TFO - Rieter, SKF, Suessen, Zinser, Weller, Murata , Toyada, Schlafhorst, Trutzschler. Spares for sizing and Warp Preparatory Machines of Benninger, Karl Mayer, Hergeth, Suzuki